Silent Image

Component Cost: 10 gp
Market Price: 50 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)
Level: 1
Category: Deception
Time: 1 minute
Duration: 1 hour or until discharged

You create an illusion of an object or a creature, or an effect such as fire. This illusion has only a visual aspect. A creature can use a minor action to make an Arcana check or a Perception check (DC 10 + your Arcana check modifier) when it sees the illusion. If the check succeeds, the creature discerns the illusory nature of the image. If a creature interacts with the illusion, the illusory nature of the image is immediately apparent, and the ritual is discharged.
    Ritual Scroll: You can perform this ritual as a standard action when you do so from a scroll. If you do, the DC of the Arcana or Perception check to discern the illusion is 5 + your Arcana check modifier.

Published in Dragon Magazine 405.