Spirit Idol

A mote of light divides in two, each glowing speck settling on the eyes of the prepared corpse. When the magic binds itself to the dead flesh, it shields it from decay.

Component Cost: 150 gp, plus a focus worth 150 gp
Market Price: 520 gp
Key Skill: Heal (no check)
Level: 7
Category: Restoration
Time: 1 hour
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual is performed on an adjacent corpse. It binds the soul to the focus, preventing its passage to Dolurrh. The target must be willing to allow the ritual to take effect, otherwise the ritual fails. Once so bound, the soul rests in state of torpor.
At any time thereafter, once per day, you can ask a single question of the corpse as if you had performed the Speak with Dead ritual, and, as with the ritual, the corpse knows only the information it knew in life.
You can perform the Raise Dead ritual on a corpse preserved by this ritual regardless of how long it stays in stasis. You cannot restore life to a creature that died from old age.
If the focus or corpse is destroyed before the target is restored to life, the soul is released and the ritual ends.
Focus: A specially prepared phylactery.

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 119.