Summon Gargoyle

With your final gesture, a winged humanoid swells out of the rock nearby. As the creature takes shape, its horned head swivels to face you.

Component Cost: 500 gp and two healing surges
Market Price: 2600 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 12
Category: Exploration
Time: 1 hour
Duration: Special

You call a gargoyle from the Elemental Chaos and force it to serve you. Upon the ritual’s completion, make an Arcana check with a –10 penalty, and consult the following table. You can choose any result lower than your actual result.

Arcana Check Result
19 or lower: A gargoyle (level 9) appears and attacks you. It fights to the death and grants no XP for its defeat.
20–25: 1d4 gargoyle rakes (level 5) appear.
26–30: A runic gargoyle (level 8) appears.
31–34: A gargoyle (level 9) appears.
35+: A gargoyle harrier (level 11), a gargoyle rock hurler (level 11), or an ice gargoyle (level 12) appears.

    The summoned gargoyle understands anything you command, but it cannot speak any new languages. Once summoned, the gargoyle guards one object or an area until it is killed. The gargoyle attacks any creature that approaches the object or enters the area, though it allows for any exceptions you make. Runic gargoyles protect you, rather than an object or a location.

Published in Dragon Magazine 423.