Tree Stride

Stepping into one plant, you instantly emerge from another some distance away.

Component Cost: 50 gp
Market Price: 360 gp
Key Skill: Nature
Level: 6
Category: Travel
Time: 30 minutes
Duration: Special

You open a magical portal in a tree adjacent to you, connecting it to a second tree that you can see. You and up to eight allies can move through the portal and emerge instantly from the second tree, and return by stepping into the second tree. The portal remains in place for a duration determined by your Nature check result, but only you and the designated allies can pass through the portal in either direction.

Nature Check ResultDuration
19 or lower1 hour
20—29 4 hours
30—39 12 hours
40 or higher24 hours

Published in Player's Handbook 2, page(s) 217.