You shiver as a cool, liquid sensation rolls over your body. Your skin adopts a blue cast, and water flows freely into your lungs as easily as a breath of air.

Component Cost: 850 gp
Market Price: 2,000 gp
Key Skill: Arcana or Nature
Level: 14
Category: Exploration
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Special

Targets of the Waterborn ritual can explore the ocean’s depths at length and with leisure. Up to eight creatures (including yourself if you choose) gain the ability to breathe underwater. In addition to this ability, targets can speak normally and gain a swim speed equal to their land speed. Subjects are unaffected by the cold and pressure of the deep ocean.
    This ritual does not negate the ability to breathe air or move on land. Equipment and possessions, such as books and scrolls, on a creature affected by the ritual remain undamaged by the water.

Check ResultDuration
19 or lower4 hours
20-298 hours
30-3916 hours
40 or higher2 days

Published in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, page(s) 147.