Acidic Mire

Any quagmire can be dangerous and debilitating. In the Elemental Chaos, a swampy area filled with caustic liquid makes the peril far worse. Seas composed of flesh-dissolving liquids are bordered by shores riddled with moors that churn with acid bubbling up from below. Such conf luences of muck and acid are deadly to traverse, so creatures that crave solitude build bastions amid this inhospitable terrain.

    Effect: A square of acidic mire is difficult terrain for creatures without earth walk. They sink into the mire, muck clinging to f lesh and clothing. In addition, any creature that starts its turn in a square of acidic bog takes ongoing 5 acid damage per tier and is slowed (save ends both).
    Usage: Acidic mire requires characters to trudge more slowly through an area. Artillery or controller monsters take advantage of such terrain to hinder melee attackers.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 12.