Agony Amplifier

Many clichéd stories claim that there is power in pain, and that instinctive reactions to agony can be harnessed and used to great effect. The agony amplifier lends validity to these theories by broadcasting one creature’s pain to all those around it. Profane runes form the outer edge of such a ring, binding mental magic into its vile form.

    Effect: An agony amplifier typically covers a space 3 squares on a side. Whenever a creature in that space takes damage, each other creature in the space takes 5 psychic damage per tier. If no other creature is in the agony amplifier, the triggering creature takes 5 extra psychic damage per tier.
    Usage: An agony amplifier is most likely to be found in a dark priest’s temple or wizard’s lair. These circles are useful for convincing fiendish creatures to serve the binder that called them. They can also be used effectively by creatures that immobilize or restrain. Such creatures can lock down victims and then pile on the pain.

Published in The Book of Vile Darkness, page(s) 2-27.