Angelic Lantern

Angelic lanterns are faint manifestations of divine will. These tiny, pulsating balls of light float in a square, shedding bright light in a 20-square radius.

    Effect: A creature in a square containing an angelic lantern gains a +1 bonus per tier to attack rolls with divine or radiant attack powers. Once an angelic lantern grants this bonus to a creature, it winks out of existence at the end of the turn in which it granted the bonus.
    Usage: Since angelic lanterns are one-shot terrain effects, it’s more interesting to include a number of them in an encounter. Use the lanterns in an encounter with skirmishers that have radiant attack powers to create a moving battlefield where the monsters are seeking out each lantern’s bonus. Once the characters understand the benefit the lanterns provide, it will be a race for the characters to reach the lantern squares, either to take advantage of their effect, or to block their opponents from doing so.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 21.