Single-Use TerrainBoulder

This large boulder is perched atop a long slope. One strong shove could send it hurtling into an oncoming mob of enemies.

Standard Action

Requirement: You must be adjacent to the boulder.

Check: Athletics check (hard DC) to shove the rock.

Success: The boulder rolls forward and down the slope, stopping after moving 1d6 squares away from the slope’s base. The boulder can move through a creature’s space. When it does so, make the following attack.

Target: Each creature whose space the boulder enters

Attack: Level + 3 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d10 + one-half level damage, and the target is knocked prone.

Miss: Slide the target 1 square out of the boulder’s path.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide 2, page(s) 63.