Carnage Stone

There are places in the world where evil has triumphed. These dark, blighted areas bore witness to great and terrible slaughter. Each innocent cut down on these sites leaves an imprint on the stone. Their psychic anguish bleeds out from their dying bodies and infuses the rock below. Creatures who travel across these damaged sites see flashes of the slaughter, from the perspective of either predator or prey.

    Effect: Whenever a creature ends its turn on a square containing carnage stone, roll a d6. On an odd number, the creature falls prone. On an even number, the creature must make a melee basic attack as a free action against a random adjacent creature. If there are no adjacent creatures, the creature takes 5 psychic damage per tier.
    Usage: Place carnage stone in sites that witnessed a terrible slaughter. Old battlefields, sites of genocide, and other dark ruins are good locations. Carnage stone adds an unpredictable element to combat, potentially shifting the battle for or against the adventurers each round.

Published in The Book of Vile Darkness, page(s) 2-27.