Chaos Breath

An area of chaos breath contains powerful, unpredictable wind gusts that extend high into the atmosphere, equally affecting flying and grounded creatures. The gusts occupy several areas, each 1 to 4 squares across. The currents react to movement and other disturbances, making them appear to be aware.

    Effect: When a creature enters a square containing chaos breath or starts its turn there, it slides 1d4 squares in a random direction and must make a saving throw to avoid being knocked prone. Creatures that are already allowed a saving throw to avoid being knocked prone gain a +2 bonus to this saving throw.
    A creature within a square of chaos breath can attempt an easy Athletics or Acrobatics check to reduce the distance of the slide by 1 square, plus 1 square for every 5 points by which the check result beats the DC. A creature that does not slide any distance is not knocked prone.
    Usage: Chaos breath confounds strategic maneuvering by adding unpredictability to movement. Since this terrain is difficult to spot (requiring a hard Perception check), it can catch both sides in a conflict off guard.
    Because of the variability of the Elemental Chaos, the effect of chaos breath might not be consistently applied in all cases. In certain areas, the gusts might not be strong enough to affect larger creatures. Air creatures might sense an area of chaos breath and avoid it, or can have an innate resistance to its effect at your discretion.
    To create more disarray—and more complexity—you could have chaos breath potentially affect the entire encounter area instead of specific squares within it. Each creature has a chance of being caught in a gust at the start of its turn, perhaps on a roll of 1-4 on a d20.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 13.