Demon Slick

Dangerous and debilitating, this odd black slime is a common terrain feature throughout the Abyss. It is particularly widespread where large numbers of demons congregate for long periods of time.

    Effect: The vile gunk smells foul and makes footing treacherous, creating large areas of difficult terrain. Any nondemon creature that ends its turn in a square of demon slick takes 5 acid and poison damage per tier. In addition, the oily slick responds to certain attacks by extending and latching onto creatures within it. Any creature that is hit by an acid or poison attack while in a square of demon slick takes ongoing 5 acid and poison damage per tier (save ends).
    Usage: Demon slick is a natural complement to demons that have acid or poison attacks, such as bebiliths, mezzodemons, and vrocks. Against characters without protection against such types of damage, the demons’ debilitating attacks are even more effective.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 14.