Divine Blood

Wreckage from the ancient war between the gods and the primordials still litters the planes. In secluded places where few dare travel, one might stumble upon a pool of divine blood that was shed during that conflict.

    Effect: When a creature ends its movement in a divine blood square, it gains 5 temporary hit points per tier, but takes a -1 penalty to attack rolls and checks (the blood still retains much divine power, which assails the creature with confusing visions and memories). The penalty lasts until the temporary hit points are lost. The visions and memories are usually random and nonsensical, but sometimes they can impart information.
    Usage: Use pools of divine blood to create a feel of ancient, immense divine power. Play up the memories and visions of gods fighting primordials. Include just one square of divine blood with monsters that have forced movement powers to create a “capture the flag” feel to the encounter as the characters’ enemies try to position themselves on the divine blood square to gain temporary hit points. Or add multiple blood squares to give the characters the option of retreating to one for its temporary hit point benefit. Including a lurker that targets characters seeking one of those squares will make such an encounter more interesting.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 22.