Eldritch Influx

One or more squares reflect light, as if a metallic object hung suspended in the air. Characters entering these squares feel energy surrounding them and hear a faint hum in the air. Magical energy pools in this area, flowing into the void left behind by the expenditure of magic item powers.

    Effect: As a standard action, a character in a square of eldritch influx can channel its energy to recharge an expended magic item power. Recharging a power in this way does not grant the item’s wielder the ability to make use of more daily magic item powers between milestones. Using an eldritch influx for this purpose depletes its energy, and it can’t be used again until 24 hours have passed.
    Usage: Since monsters rarely use magic items, this terrain feature is a great magnet for player characters. Place it so they have to work to reach it during a fight, encouraging movement and rewarding risk. Use it for paragon characters or in the first encounter after a milestone, when you know the characters have magic item activations available to them.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide 2, page(s) 59.