Eye Unblinking

The fomorians of Inbharran use weapons called eyes unblinking, inset into spires of black steel. These magic weapons are made from the ritually enlarged evil eyes of deceased fomorian rulers and champions. Nourished by the blood of wounded foes (see “Blood Grate,”), they remain alive and vigilant, loosing beams of arcane energy at invaders.
    Each eye unblinking occupies a single square, set high in a tower. A typical fortress has one to four eyes unblinking, depending on its size. A fortress with insufficient eyes unblinking to cover all approaches rarely lasts long in the Feydark. An eye unblinking can be identified with a DC 25 Arcana check.

    Effect: Once per encounter on its turn, each eye unblinking can create a particular special effect as an area burst 5 within 20 squares of the tower in which the eye is set. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the encounter. Once an eye unblinking creates its zone, it can move the zone 3 squares on its initiative count (initiative +11). Consider an eye to have a Will of 18 for the purpose of attempts to dispel its magic.
    Included here are three examples of special effects; feel free to create your own minor effect along these lines. All such effects are designed only to assist those loyal to the ruler of the tower.
         No fomorian or fomorian ally within the zone grants combat advantage.
         Each fomorian or fomorian ally within the zone gains resist 5 to a particular type of damage (such as acid or fire).
         When a fomorian or fomorian ally within the zone hits an enemy with a melee attack, it can shift 1 square as a free action.
    Usage: Place eyes unblinking to drive home the difficulty of assaulting the fomorians on their home territory. Characters who know they must invade a fomorian fortress would do well to find some way to sabotage its defenses before making a frontal assault. Colluding with a rival fomorian would be a reasonable, if ethically dubious, plan.

Published in Underdark, page(s) 103.