Fey Circle

Often distinguished by the presence of tangled vines or large toadstools, this location is empowered with the extraordinary energy of the Feywild.

    Effect: A creature can spend a minor action while in a fey circle’s square to teleport 5 squares.
    Usage: A fey circle can add unpredictability to a combat area, and it can level the playing field somewhat when the player characters are fighting monsters that teleport—or when monsters familiar with the circle face player characters who teleport all the time. A fey circle is also a great addition to an encounter area that features a treacherous chasm or similarly dangerous terrain, giving the player characters a way to bypass the danger if they can figure out the purpose of the fey circle.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide 2, page(s) 60, Dungeon Master's Kit, page(s) 210.