Fey Crossroads

A fey crossroads is an entry to the Feywild. Each one’s appearance varies, whether it is a stone arch, a pair of rune-scribed standing stones, or lintel-capped monoliths.

    Effect: A fey crossroads functions like a portal, transporting those going through it to another place, either in the world or in the Feywild. They can be keyed, restricted, variable, and even malfunctioning.
    Usage: Discovering a fey crossroads can be an adventure in itself. Once the location of one is discovered, consider placing powerful fey guardians such as eladrin knights, dark fey, or magical beasts that bar the entrance. Bypassing those guardians might require defeating them in combat, or negotiating passage for a price.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 53.