Frozen Fire

Portions of the Elemental Chaos experience cold so intense that even fire freezes. In other areas, fire and ice mingle in ways that are contradictory to minds that are familiar only with the natural world. This mixing of opposites is highly unstable—the subtlest change in the surroundings can cause a dramatic explosion.

    Effect: Patches of frozen fire are usually no larger than 6 contiguous squares, but larger areas can exist. When a creature without the cold keyword enters a square adjacent to frozen fire, or a square of frozen fire is subjected to fire, lightning, or thunder damage, that square explodes. The effect is a close burst 1, centered on the origin square, dealing 1d8 cold and fire damage per tier.
    Usage: An encounter area containing several regions of frozen fire tightly limits safe zones on the battlefield. Such control particularly favors soldiers, forcing characters to make hard tactical choices during combat.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 15.