Glimmering Mirage

Heat mirages are common in the wastelands. They appear near the horizon and beckon viewers with the promise of shade or water, only to vanish as the travelers draw close. Certain malign visions linger, however. These glimmering mirages are crafted by cruel primal spirits to confuse and distress wanderers.

    Effect: A glimmering mirage is a wall 4 or more squares long, which blocks line of sight. A creature adjacent to this terrain gains concealment against ranged attacks. At the end of each round, roll a d6. On a result of 1, the glimmering mirage vanishes until the end of the encounter; on a result of 6, the mirage moves 5 squares in a random direction. Other results leave the scene unchanged.
    Usage: Visible from a distance, glimmering mirages can lure adventurers to a particular location. They also conceal creatures and add a random element to an encounter.

Published in Dark Sun Creature Catalog, page(s) 135.