Thanks to the natural vitality of the Feydark, the blood that Torog shed while burrowing through the Feydark remains as fresh and potent as on the day it was spilled, as long as it remains on the highway. The divine energy remaining within this godsblood temporarily supercharges the natural healing capability of any creature, but at the cost of its own stamina and sanity as the dormant power of the King that Crawls surges through the creature’s body.
    Pools of godsblood are found in areas of 3 to 12 contiguous squares. Godsblood can be identified with a DC 25 Dungeoneering or Religion check.

    Effect: Any creature that spends a healing surge while in an area of godsblood gains regeneration 2 per tier and a -4 penalty to Fortitude and Will. These effects last until the creature reaches full hit points.
    Only one creature can be affected by an area of godsblood at a time; once it is activated by a healing surge, the godsblood becomes dormant until its effect ends on that creature.
    Godsblood removed from its pool loses its power instantly, so it can’t be bottled or transported.
    Usage: The source of godsblood somewhat limits where you can position it. However, you can make good use of it in a running series of encounters that occur along the King’s Highway to either help the characters when they’re in need of a healing break or assist a wily enemy you might want to keep around.

Published in Underdark, page(s) 102.