Lightning Mist

These fields of gray-blue fog that drift slowly through the Elemental Chaos are hazardous to traverse quickly. Lightning mist typically coalesces into an area 5 squares on a side, but masses miles wide and just as deep are not unknown in treacherous territories.

    Effect: When the particles within the mist are stirred, a charge of electricity lashes out. Any creature that enters more than 2 squares of lightning mist during a single move action takes 5 lightning damage per tier. Squares containing the mist are lightly obscured.
    Usage: Lightning mist forces creatures to slow down or suffer the consequences. Artillery monsters zero in on slowly moving creatures within the mist, gaining more attacks at a slight cost to accuracy. Elemental creatures that have resistance or are immune to lightning damage thrive in these areas.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 16.