Lingering Evil

What might seem a trick of the eye could reveal some darker influence, a stain left by some profoundly wicked act. A revolting stench, dancing shadows, or weird chills can all indicate a lingering evil presence.

    Effect: An area of lingering evil can be any size, though a 4-square-by-4-square space is common.
    Good creatures take a -1 penalty to ability checks and skill checks made in the area of lingering evil. In addition, a natural or fey beast will not willingly enter its space. If forced, the beast is dazed until it exits.
    Usage: Only the most profoundly wicked events create lingering evil. An evil god’s appearance, a savage murder, or even a dark ritual can create an area of lingering evil. The phenomenon lasts in proportion to the creating event’s duration, lasting for just a few minutes to centuries.

Published in The Book of Vile Darkness, page(s) 2-29.