Liquid Thunder

After a powerful elemental storm ravages an area of the Elemental Chaos, gray and placid pools are left behind. These innocuous-looking puddles are actually highly volatile liquid coalesced from the force of the storm. Liquid thunder pools are so unstable that they are rarely larger than 1 square.

    Effect: A pool of liquid thunder remains calm and mirrorlike until a creature or an object enters it. It then releases the tremendous thunder stored within it, blasting a creature in its square and each creature adjacent to that square. The force of the blast hurls the affected creatures 10 feet per tier into the air. Any creature that falls back to the ground takes 1d10 damage per tier; it can make an Acrobatics check as normal to reduce the falling damage.
    Usage: Liquid thunder is a simple but dangerous obstruction. Creatures that have forced movement powers use it to great effect.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 16.