Martyr's Monument

This area contains the life energy of an ancient and powerful champion of the gods, embodied in a statue or some other holy icon.

    Effect: The monument grants a +2 bonus to saving throws to all creatures within 5 squares of it.
    In addition, a creature adjacent to the monument can touch it as a minor action to make a saving throw. Each time a creature touches the monument to make a saving throw, roll a d20; on a 5 or lower, the monument loses all its magical properties for 24 hours.
    Usage: A martyr’s monument gives characters a new option for their minor actions. Such terrain is also great for monsters that have nothing else to do with their minor actions. Characters and monsters can use forced movement powers to drive their enemies away from the monument so they can’t gain the saving throw bonus it grants. Use this feature in combination with monsters whose attacks impose effects that a save can end, or if the characters have been making particularly effective use of such attacks against previous foes.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide 2, page(s) 60.