Pillar of Life

This tall stone pillar is infused with life energy.

    Effect: When a creature starts its turn adjacent to a pillar of life, it regains 5 hit points per tier.
    Usage: Adding a pillar of life to an encounter can create an interesting tactical situation, especially if the monsters are initially surrounding the pillar and gaining extra hit points each turn. If you choose not to reveal the terrain’s effect immediately, use visual clues to help the players understand the terrain effect.
    Adding a pillar of life to an encounter will also let you set the characters against a much more difficult encounter, since they will gain the extra healing. As an alternative to reduce the pillar’s effectiveness slightly, consider having the pillar only work ever other round, to create a “capture the flag” type of environment between the characters and their opposition (with visual, auditory, or some other clue indicating when it’s powered up).

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide, page(s) 68.