Primordial Font

Volatile fountains of liquid elemental energy can erupt anywhere in the Elemental Chaos, changing those who bathe in them.

    Effect: A creature that remains in a square containing a primordial font for its entire turn gains a random elemental keyword and an accompanying benefit, as shown in the table below. Alternatively, a creature in the font’s square can spend a standard action to splash the liquid over itself, gaining the keyword and the accompanying benefit even if it does not end its turn in the font.
    Whenever a creature gains a primordial font effect and is already under the effect of a previous result, the prior effect ends. Otherwise, a creature that is under a primordial font’s effect rolls a d20 at the end of its turn. On a result of 9 or lower, the effect ends.
    Creatures of the elemental origin that are affected by a primordial font can make a saving throw to avoid its effect.

1EarthYou gain resist 5 to all damage.
2FireYou deal 1d6 extra fire damage per tier with melee attacks.
3IceEach creature that starts its turn adjacent to you is slowed until the start of your next turn.
4LightningUntil the start of your next turn, you don’t grant combat advantage or take a -5 penalty to attack rolls when you run.
5ThunderEach creature that starts its turn adjacent to you is dazed until the start of your next turn.
6WaterYou can shift as a minor action.

    Usage: Primordial fonts create interesting random interactions for monsters and characters alike. You can place them in an encounter when you want a strange and unpredictable battle. Alternatively, primordial fonts are useful in areas containing portals or other restricted zones that are accessible only to creatures that have a certain elemental keyword.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 17.