Soul Shard Clusters

Remnants of living creatures slain in the Shadowdark linger as soul shards, and often these shards congregate into clusters. Some of the shards resemble ghostly versions of the creatures they were in life, while others appear as ephemeral skulls. Death giants covet soul shards, using them to fuel their powers.
    A soul shard cluster encountered in the Shadowdark fills a 3-square-by-3-square area. It can be identified with a DC 25 Dungeoneering or Religion check.

    Effect: A soul shard cluster has no substance, doesn’t block movement or line of sight, and can’t be attacked or damaged in any way.
    Any living, nonshadow creature within the space of a soul shard cluster takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and all defenses. A living creature within the space of a soul shard cluster can attempt a hard Religion check as a standard action to draw on the energy of the soul shard, regaining hit points if the check succeeds as if it had spent a healing surge. Success dissipates the soul shard cluster temporarily, but it reforms somewhere else nearby within hours or days. A creature can’t retry the check.
    Usage: The presence of a soul shard cluster could be the only warning characters have before a death giant attacks them.

Published in Underdark, page(s) 121.