Strangling Wind

The pressure of this wind is so great, and its blasts so turbulent, that it slows and even suffocates those who push themselves too hard. The winds are strong enough to hinder the accuracy of ranged and area attacks (even magical ones). A jet of strangling wind is typically 3 squares wide and 6 to 8 squares long at paragon tier, and 5 squares by 10 squares at epic tier.

    Effect: A creature that starts its turn in a square of strangling wind is slowed until the start of its next turn. A creature that runs or takes a double move in strangling wind is dazed (save ends) at the end of that movement, even if it is no longer within the wind’s area. With each failed saving throw, the target loses a healing surge.
    Creatures take a -5 penalty to attack rolls with ranged or area attacks launched within or into an area of strangling wind.
    Usage: Strangling wind makes a formidable barrier that penalizes creatures trying to move quickly through the area. Elemental brutes and soldiers, such as rockfire dreadnoughts (see Monster Manual)and demons, love fighting in strangling wind. They can take their time beating the pulp out of their enemies without worrying much about ranged attacks.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 17.