Tree of Life

A tree of life is mystically infused with primal forces of life. Sorcerer-kings and other defilers with significant resources maintain groves of these mighty timbers to fuel their magic.

    Effect: A tree of life emits a 5-square aura. Creatures within the area regain the maximum possible number of hit points from healing effects. When making a skill check during the performance of a divination ritual, a character within the tree’s aura gains a +5 bonus. Also, a character who takes an extended rest within the aura gains an extra healing surge that lasts until he or she takes another extended rest.
    A tree of life has 500 hit points and vulnerable 10 necrotic. It regenerates 5 hit points per hour. If the tree’s hit points drop to 0, it dies.
    Usage: Trees of life are rare and wondrous objects. Most of these hardwoods are jealously hoarded by sorcerer-kings deep within their palaces. Using tree of life defiling, defilers can draw on their magic more freely within a tree of life’s aura.

Published in Dark Sun Creature Catalog, page(s) 137.