Wrath Mud

In parts of the Abyss, the land itself is subject to the insane rage that twists and contorts reality. Certain stinking bogs contain eerie mud that saps the sanity from creatures within it, pushing them to violence through psychic pain. The mud has a normal consistency but features an oily sheen, ref lecting light in a swirling rainbow of sickly color.

    Effect: Areas of wrath mud are difficult terrain. Any creature within a square of wrath mud that scores a critical hit with a melee attack deals 1d10 extra damage per tier on that attack. Furthermore, a creature that starts its turn in a square of wrath mud and does not make a melee attack before the end of its turn takes 5 psychic damage per tier.
    Usage: Wrath mud is similar to, but more unforgiving than, blood rock. It is typically used to create bottlenecks that force bloody melee battles—the kind of fight that demons enjoy most.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 17.