Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary

Menzoberranzan is built on unwritten laws that provide some semblance of structure to the chaotic lives of the drow. Its harsh society does not tolerate nonconformity. Those who stand up to the matriarchy or who blaspheme against Lolth have no allies. Such drow are expelled by their houses—if they are not killed out of hand. Usually, those so exiled do not long survive, but there is a refuge for such misfits: Bregan D’aerthe. The infamous mercenary company takes in drow of all stripes: commoners who have run afoul of the priestesses, exiles, and the children of destroyed houses.
    You are one such unfortunate: you were cast out of Menzoberranzan society for crimes real or perceived. When you joined, you abandoned your past, your heritage, and even your name, and you were expressly forbidden to talk about them. A sellsword, you fight for masters who in turn offer their services to the highest bidder. Bregan D’aerthe takes care of its own, though, and you can count on your new allies to protect you from past reprisals—as long as you remain useful.
    As it is with the Bregan D’aerthe spy), the deadly mercenary group to which you owe your loyalty might occasionally place demands on your time or efforts. Unlike those far-roving agents, some of whom operate on the surface, you stick to more localized bloodshed. You also lack the specialization of such spies, being as likely to have a martial background as an arcane one; you might even be a cleric of a deity other than Lolth. You are a mystery: cold steel wrapped in a silken sheath.

    Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Starting Feature (1st level): You gain a +2 power bonus to Bluff checks, and you gain the skullduggery power.
    Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Level 5 Feature (5th level): Gain the uncertain loyalties power.
    Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Level 10 Feature (10th level): You can use the Bluff skill to feint in combat as a minor action instead of a standard action. Also, while under the effect of your uncertain loyalties power, a creature grants you cover and helps you flank as though it were an ally.

Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Utility Skullduggery

You knock a foe off guard, leaving an opening for you and your allies to exploit.

Encounter        Martial
Minor Action      Melee touch

Target: One creature

Effect: The target grants combat advantage until the end of your turn.

Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Attack Uncertain Loyalties

You sow doubt in an opponent’s mind as to whether you are truly a friend or foe.

Encounter        Fear, Martial
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Target: One creature

Effect: The target cannot attack you until the end of your next turn. This effect ends immediately if you attack the target.

Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Utility 2Weapon Ring

With a flick of a finger, you produce a blade seemingly from thin air.

At-Will        Arcane, Transmutation
Minor Action      Melee touch

Target: One nonliving object of 5 lb. or less that you are holding

Effect: You change the target object into a small ring on one of your fingers, or change the ring back into the object. You can have only one such ring at a time. If the ring is removed from your finger, it returns to its original form.

Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Utility 6Tiny Sunburst

You dazzle your foe with a bright burst of light.

Encounter        Arcane
Immediate Interrupt      Close burst 5

Trigger: A creature hits you with a melee or a ranged attack.

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, the triggering creature takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls against you. If the creature has darkvision, the penalty instead applies to all the creature’s attack rolls.

Bregan D'aerthe Mercenary Utility 10Dimensional Confusion

Teleportation magic sends one of your foes into your place.

Encounter        Arcane, Teleportation
Move Action      Ranged 5

Target: One creature of your size or smaller

Effect: You and the target each teleport up to 5 squares, swapping positions. If the target is an enemy, it grants combat advantage until the end of your turn.

Published in Council of Spiders, Dragon Magazine 413.