Deep Delver

"Only here, with the weight of the world above my head, am I home."

Beneath the tramping of nations and the roots of forests is a world that surface dwellers can barely imagine. Countless tunnels and caverns, rivers and oceans form a fantastic, globe-spanning environment. To the unprepared, though, the underground wilderness is as ruthless as it is wondrous. Those who survive these wilds are among the greatest explorers in the world. For these deep delvers, an expedition to the Underdark is no more threatening than a stroll through the woods.
    Deep delvers are driven by an unquenchable desire to pit themselves against the challenges of the subterranean world. Some seek to map out the spiraling highway-tunnels of the Underdark. Others are naturally drawn to the seclusion of caves, preferring to abandon life on the surface. Yet others are born to the Underdark and still call it home.

    Deep Delver Starting Feature (1st level): You gain a +2 power bonus to Dungeoneering checks.
    You also gain the subterranean survival power.
    Deep Delver Level 5 Feature (5th level): Your power bonus to Dungeoneering checks increases to +4.
    Also, when you squeeze, your speed is not halved, and you take a -2 penalty to attack rolls instead of the normal -5.
    Deep Delver Level 10 Feature (10th level): You gain blindsight with a radius of 2 squares.

Deep Delver Utility Subterranean Survival

You thrive in the unforgiving caverns of the Underdark.

Encounter        Martial
Free Action      Personal

Trigger: You make a Dungeoneering check and dislike the result.

Effect: You reroll the Dungeoneering check.

Deep Delver Utility 2Up against the Wall

You find ways to take advantage of close-quarters environments.

Encounter        Martial
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain partial cover while you are adjacent to a square of blocking terrain, and any enemy that misses you with a melee attack while you have partial cover grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.

Deep Delver Utility 6Cavern Lore

Your talent for exploring caves gives you the edge needed to overcome unexpected challenges.

Encounter        Martial
Free Action      Personal

Trigger: You fail an Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, or Perception check while underground.

Effect: You make a Dungeoneering check and use its result instead.

Deep Delver Utility 10Spelunker’s Instincts

Your cave-delving reactions can save you from a sudden misstep or a serious injury.

Encounter        Martial
Immediate Interrupt      Personal

Trigger: You take damage from a trap, a hazard, or a fall.

Effect: Reduce the damage by 5 + one-half your level.
    Level 11: 10 + one-half your level.
    Level 21: 15 + one-half your level.

Published in Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook, page(s) 11.