Hordelands Nomad

Between Faerûn and Kara-Tur is a vast steppe, held through history by more than one ancient empire. Despite the area’s turbulent past, the advent of the Spellplague, and the rise of the Tuigan nation of Yaïmunnahar, the folk of the Hordelands live as they have for centuries. Because the steppe offers few resources, all the nomads of the Hordelands—Taan, as they call themselves—are master riders and hardy survivalists. They rely on their mounts and livestock, as well as connections to nature and primal power, for survival.
    People of the Hordelands venerate Teylas, the Sky Lord, who is called Akadi in Faerûn, and worship Etugen, Earth Mother, known among Faerûnians as Grumbar. Additionally, and to a lesser degree, the nomads idolize a plethora of other primal spirits. Some of these latter entities live in named places, such as oases, across the plains. Others represent important or fierce animals of the prairie.
    Tribal customs among the nomads focus on pleasing the spirits as they seek to ensure that the elements remain in balance. Those living in the Hordelands believe that bad luck, such as an inability to find water, is the work of offended spirits. To aid them in their work with the spirits, the nomads use primal magic, and their familiarity with it grants them a sixth sense when it comes to spiritual influences. Not only do they gain closeness to the spirits that surround them, they can sense the presence of myriad fey crossings on the plains, which provides them with the opportunity to interact with fey creatures, too.

    Hordelands Nomad Starting Feature (1st level): You gain proficiency with the shortbow. You also gain the Mounted Combat feat.
    Hordelands Nomad Level 5 Feature (5th level): You gain a +2 power bonus to Nature checks. In addition, you can use the Nature skill as if it were Arcana to sense the presence of magic, and to make monster knowledge checks about creatures that have the elemental, fey, or shadow origin.
    Hordelands Nomad Level 10 Feature (10th level): You gain a +1 power bonus to saving throws. If you are attempting to avoid being knocked prone while mounted, your bonus is +5 instead.

Hordelands Nomad Utility 2Steppe-Horse Spirit

You draw deeply upon your tie to the land and leap into motion, avoiding retaliation with your first steps and moving with ease despite hindrances.

Encounter        Primal
Move Action      Personal

Effect: You move up to your speed, ignoring difficult terrain and suffering no negative effects for squeezing. If you are mounted, you can instead grant your mount this power’s effect.

Hordelands Nomad Attack 3Sky Arrows

With a whispered homage to the storm spirits, you loose a ranged attack that rumbles with thunder.

Encounter        Primal, Thunder
No Action      Special

Trigger: You hit an enemy with an at-will ranged attack.

Effect: The enemy takes 1d8 extra thunder damage from the attack.

Hordelands Nomad Utility 6Breath of Teylas

The wind is knocked out of you, but the breath of Teylas sustains you and carries you to safety.

Encounter        Healing, Primal
Immediate Reaction      Personal

Trigger: An enemy bloodies you or scores a critical hit against you.

Effect: You spend a healing surge and regain a number of additional hit points equal to your highest ability modifier. Then, shift up to half your speed. If you are mounted, your mount also regains a number of hit points equal to your highest ability modifier, and it can shift instead of you.

Hordelands Nomad Utility 10Hooves of Etugen

Earth spirits return control of your movement to you when an enemy tries to push you around.

Encounter        Primal
Immediate Interrupt      Personal

Trigger: You or a mount you are riding is subjected to forced movement or knocked prone.

Effect: Neither you nor your mount is forcibly moved or knocked prone. Instead, you or your mount can shift up to the number of squares you would have been moved forcibly.

Hordelands Nomad Attack 13Storm Arrows

Calling upon the storm spirits, you send forth an attack imbued with thunder or lightning.

Encounter        Primal, Varies
No Action      Special

Trigger: You hit an enemy with an at-will ranged attack.

Effect: The enemy takes 2d8 extra thunder damage or 2d8 extra lightning damage from the attack.

Hordelands Nomad Attack 23Tempest Arrows

Thunder accompanies the crackle of lightning as you call upon the spirits of the storm to strike your foe.

Encounter        Lightning, Primal, Thunder
No Action      Special

Trigger: You hit an enemy with an at-will ranged attack.

Effect: The enemy takes 3d8 extra thunder and lightning damage from the attack.

Published in Dragon Magazine 404.