Abyssal Portal
Level Obstacle
XP by level

A portal to the Abyss whispers in your mind, drawing you forward as it compels you to revel in chaos and murder.

Hazard: The abyssal portal is a demon hole or part of a demongate or a dimensional passageway. The DM determines its size. The abyssal portal does not provide cover or block movement.Perception     DC 10 + one-half the abyssal portal’s level: The character notices the presence of the portal, as determined by the DM. Demongates and demon holes might require no Perception check. A dimensional passageway might not be noticed with a Perception check.Insight     DC 15 + one-half the abyssal portal’s level: An unknown evil taints this area, whispering of murder as it calls for you to approach.Trigger       When any creature moves within 5 squares of the abyssal portal, the hazard attacks.
AttackOpportunity Action      Ranged 5
Target: The triggering creature Attack: The abyssal portal’s level + 4 vs. WillHit: The target makes a melee basic or ranged attack as a free action, targeting a random creature determined by the DM.    Aftereffect: The abyssal portal pulls the target 2 squares.    Special: If the target is pulled into the abyssal portal, it leaves the plane the portal is on and enters the Abyss. The target’s location in the Abyss and any option to return depend on the nature of the abyssal portal, as determined by the DM.Countermeasures     As a minor action, a creature can make a Charisma check (DC 15 + one-half the abyssal portal’s level) to ignore the hazard’s effect until the start of the creature’s next turn.
     If a creature closes the abyssal portal, the abyssal portal cannot attack. The process for closing an abyssal portal varies, but it typically involves a ritual and a skill challenge.

Published in Demonomicon, page(s) 83.