Acid Trap
Level 2 Obstacle
XP 125

A 10-by-20-foot section of the floor drops away on hinges to a 10-foot-deep pit filled up to ankle height with diluted acid.

Perception     DC 22: The character notices that the floor could fall away.     DC 25: The character notices the hidden control panel.TriggerWhen a creature moves into the trapped area.AttackImmediate Reaction      Melee
Target: The creature that triggered the trap.Attack: +5 vs. ReflexHit: 1d10 damage plus ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends), and the target is knocked prone. A character cannot succeed on a saving throw against the acid until he or she is out of the acid.Countermeasures     Thievery DC 22 or Thievery (if the control panel has been located) DC 15: A character adjacent to the trap can disable it with a successful check.
     Thievery DC 15: A character can climb out of the pit with a successful check.
     A character can attack the false floor or the control panel (AC 5, Reflex 5, Fortitude 10, 20 hit points). Destroying the false floor or control panel causes the trap to spring.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 29.