Altar of Zealotry (Elite)
Level 15 Elite Lurker
XP 2400

The altar ahead appears twisted and evil, and it radiates a disturbing feeling of maliciousness and dread.

Trap: This stonework dragon attempts to dominate those who come within sight of it. It draws its energy from living unbelievers, and it functions only as long as such creatures are within the shrine. The altar can attack twice each round.Perception     No check is required to see the altar.Religion     DC 27: The character recognizes the nature of the altar.Initiative +6TriggerWhen characters enter the area, the trap activates and rolls initiative. The trap continues its attacks until no living unbelievers remain in the area.AttackStandard Action      Ranged sight
Target: A random creature not wearing the holy symbol of the deity it is dedicated toAttack: +19 vs. WillHit: The target is dominated (save ends).    Aftereffect The target is dazed (save ends).Countermeasures     A character can attack the altar (AC 26, other defenses 24; hp 125; resist 10 all). Destroying the altar disables the trap.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide, page(s) 92.