Altar of the Eye
Level 19 Elite TrapXP 4800

Detect automatic

Initiative +15

HP 270

AC 33, Fortitude 30, Reflex 30, Will

Immune necrotic, poison, psychic, forced movement, all conditions, ongoing damage


All Sight

The altar’s attacks ignore cover, concealment, and invisibility, as well as whether a creature is hidden.

Standard Actions

Lurid Eye (charm) At-Will

Requirement: The altar must be awakened and must have no tentacles.

Attack: Ranged 20 (one creature); +22 vs. Will

Hit: The target is dominated (save ends). While dominated, the target uses its standard action to move toward the altar. When adjacent to the altar, the target touches the altar as a free action, causing the altar to sprout two tentacles.

Tentacle At-Will

Requirement: The altar must have tentacles.

Attack: Melee 20 (one creature); +24 vs. AC

Hit: The target is grabbed (escape DC 24). While grabbed by a tentacle, the target is weakened and takes ongoing 20 damage. If this damage reduces the target to 0 hit points or fewer, the target is pulled into the altar as a free action and annihilated. A tentacle cannot attack while grabbing a creature.

Double Attack Recharge when no target is grabbed by a tentacle

Effect: The altar uses tentacle twice.


Identify: Arcana or Dungeoneering DC 24: The stone from which the altar is hewn is not of this world.

Identify: Insight DC 17:The character experiences a terrible sense of foreboding as he or she approaches the altar.

Identify: Religion DC 24:The altar is the centerpiece of a religious ritual that requires the lighting of black candles, the beating of a drum, the ringing of chimes, and the striking of the iron triangle.

Identify: Religion DC 33:Touching the altar is the first step in calling the power of the Elder Elemental Eye, which might grant a boon—but the altar is anathema to the gods, so that touching it with a holy symbol might damage it. Doing so is likely to destroy the utilized holy symbol, reducing it to residuum.

Attack: A tentacle has the same defenses as the altar. If a tentacle takes damage, it releases any creature it is grabbing.

Blaspheme: If a character uses a minor action to touch the altar with a magic holy symbol of any deity other than Tharizdun, the altar takes 15 damage per plus of a common item, 20 damage per plus of an uncommon item, and 30 damage per plus of a rare item. A holy symbol used in this way is reduced to an amount of residuum based on the item’s rarity: 20 percent of a common item’s gp value, 50 percent of an uncommon item’s gp value, and 100 percent of a rare item’s gp value.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 200.