Angry Crowd
Level Party's Level
XP Varies

The crowd becomes a seething mass of rage.

Hazard: Each square occupied by the crowd becomes difficult terrain.Perception     No check is required to see the crowd.TriggerWhen the crowd’s disposition becomes helpful or hostile to the player characters, the crowd rolls for initiative and attacks.AttackStandard Action      
Target: Helpful crowds target the enemy gladiator, while hostile crowds target the PC or PCs.Effect Roll 1d20 to see what the crowd does on its turn.
1 An angry fan jumps out of the stands and joins the fight attacking the target: level vs. AC; 3 damage, plus 1 damage per tier. The fan occupies a space adjacent to the target and is slain when it takes at least 1 damage.
2–3 The crowd grabs the target whenever it enters an adjacent space: level vs. Fortitude or Reflex; the target is immobilized (save ends).
4–5 The crowd shoves the target back into the fight. Any time the target enters a square adjacent to the crowd, the crowd makes an attack: level vs. Fortitude; push the target 1d4 squares.
6–7 The crowd reaches out and grabs at the target. All squares adjacent to the crowd become difficult terrain until the start of the crowd’s next turn.
8–9 Someone hurls a vicious insult at the target: level vs. Will; the target takes a –2 penalty to attacks until the end of its next turn.
10–11 The crowd’s noise imposes a –5 penalty to all Perception checks.
12–13 The crowd closes in or descends from the stands, thus reducing the size of the battlefield by 1 square on each side.
14–15 Someone from the crowd hurls an object at the target: level vs. Reflex; the target loses one healing surge.
16–17 When the target enters a space adjacent to the crowd, the crowd attacks: level vs. Fortitude; slide the target 1d4 squares (enemy’s choice).
18–19 When the target enters a space adjacent to the crowd, the crowd attacks: level vs. AC; 5 damage, plus 5 damage per tier.
20 A mob descends from the stands bent on killing the target. See below for statistics.
Countermeasures     A character can engage in a skill challenge to improve the crowd’s disposition as described above. Improving the crowd’s disposition above hostile ends the hazard.

Published in Dragon Magazine Annual.