Animating Spirit
Level 8 Lurker
XP 350

A cruel spirit flits from statue to statue, animating the stone to deliver a nasty attack to the unprepared.

Hazard: An invisible spirit moves into a statue’s space and smashes intruders with the statue’s animated appendages.Perception     DC 19: The character notices a disturbance in the animating spirit’s space, thus revealing the hazard’s position until it moves again.Arcana     DC 14: The character recognizes the nature of the animating spirit, including its attack.Speed 4flyTriggerWhen a living creature other than the beholder enters the room, the animating spirit rolls initiative and it moves on its turn. If it ends its movement in a space containing a statue, it attacks one adjacent enemy.AttackStandard Action      Melee 1
Target: One creatureAttack: +13 vs. ACHit: 1d8 + 5 damage, and the target is knocked prone. If the target grants the animating spirit combat advantage, the hazard deals 2d8 extra damage.Countermeasures     A character can attack a statue animated by a spirit. The statue has an AC 4; Fortitude 10, Reflex 4; 50 hit points. An attack that hits the statue also damages and pushes the animating spirit 1 square.
     A character can attack the spirit when it is not in a space containing the statue. The spirit is invisible and has an AC 23; all other defenses 19, 50 hit points; vulnerable 5 radiant. Destroying the animating spirit ends the hazard.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 162, page(s) 24.