Astral Lodestone
Level 23 HazardXP 5100

Detect Arcana DC 27


Immune attacks


Crushing Presence (force) Aura 3

Any creature that enters the aura is slowed (save ends). Any creature that ends its turn in the aura takes 15 force damage.

Triggered Actions

Teleportation Sink (force) At-Will

Trigger: A creature teleports and leaves or enters a square within 10 squares of the hazard.

Attack (Opportunity Action): Ranged 10 (triggering creature); +26 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 3d8 + 18 force damage, and the target ends its teleportation movement in a square adjacent to the lodestone (chosen by the DM) regardless of the intended destination.


Suppress: Arcana (trained only) DC 27 (standard action). Requirement: The character must be in the hazard's aura. Success: The hazard’s attack and aura cease to function until the end of the character’s next turn. Failure (22 or lower): The character takes 15 force damage.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 203.