Astral Vents
Level 19 Blaster
XP 2400

The floor of the cavern suddenly ripples as a wave of unearthly power lifts you off your feet.

Trap: When a creature steps onto a trigger point, a pulse of astral energy disrupts the space around it, blasting it skyward.Perception     PCs who intuit that the X’s on the cavern floor mark the trigger points of the trap can choose to avoid those locations. However, characters cannot use Perception to detect the unmarked trigger points of this trap.TriggerWhen a creature enters or begins its turn in a trigger square, the trap attacks that creature.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee
Target: The creature that triggered the trap.Attack: +22 vs. ReflexHit: 3d8 + 4 damage, and the target is lifted 10 feet into the air. Unless the target has the means to stay aloft, it then falls to the ground in a random adjacent square, taking 1d10 damage and being knocked prone as normal for falling.Countermeasures     A creature can jump the squares to avoid triggering them.
     Acrobatics DC 27: A creature that triggers the trap can attempt a check. With a successful check, the creature takes no damage but is pushed 1 square in a random direction.
     A creature blown into the air by a trap can, as normal, make an Acrobatics check to reduce falling damage.
     Arcana DC 27: A creature adjacent to a trigger square can disable that square for the rest of the encounter with a successful check.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 167, page(s) 60.