Blade Bridges
Level 8 Blaster
XP 350

A turnstile of swing blades make it dangerous to pass.

Trap: If a PC opens a crypt door, the trap goes off.Perception     DC 24: The character notices that opening a crypt door sets off a kind of trap by releasing something in the wall. The space around the door looks safe, so it must have something to do with the blade bridges.TriggerWhen a PC opens a crypt door, the blades begin to spin and the doors open. The turnstiles attack as an immediate reaction. They then enter the initiative order directly after the creature that triggered the trap. The blades attack any creature that falls in the pit.Turnstile AttackImmediate Reaction or Standard Action      Close blast 1
Targets Creatures on the pillarAttack: +10 vs. ReflexHit: 2d6 + 4 damage and push 1.Miss: Half damage, no push.Blades AttackOpportunity Action      Close blast 3
Targets Creatures that fall into the pitAttack: +12 vs. ACHit: 3d8 + 4 damageMiss: None.    Standing on the Blades A PC standing on the blades when the trap is active must make a DC 25 Acrobatics checkCountermeasures     Thievery DC 28: An adjacent character can disable one door’s trigger with a successful check, allowing the door to be opened without setting off the trap.
     Thievery DC 30: An adjacent character can disable the turnstile and blades on one pillar with a successful check.
     A character can attack a door (AC 4, Reflex 4, Fortitude 10; hp 60). Destroying a door without opening it gives access to the crypt (and the monster within) without setting off the trap.
     A character can attack a blade (AC 5, Reflex 5, Fortitude 10; hp 50). Destroying the three blades ends their threat in that pit.
     Strength DC 28: An adjacent character can stop a turnstile with a successful check.
     Wait for 10 rounds. After 10 rounds the blades stop.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 155, page(s) 89.