Blood-Filling Chamber
Level 26 Blaster
XP 9000

The iron-hard bone doors slam shut, and the skull face in the floor begins to spray blood in fountains that scour the ceiling.

Trap: The chamber seals and starts to fill with blood.Perception     DC 13: The doors form a perfect seal when closed.Initiative +13TriggerOne round after three or more living creatures enter the chamber, the doors slam shut. Roll initiative. On the trap’s initiative, blood begins to spray from the skull’s eye sockets.AttackStandard Action      Area the whole room
Target: On the trap’s initiative, the blood level in the room rises. Rising blood has the following effects each round. (Ghouls are immune to these effects, including difficult terrain.)    Round 1 No effect on Medium creatures. The room is difficult terrain for Small creatures.    Round 2 The room is difficult terrain for Medium creatures. Small creatures must swim.    Round 3 All living creatures must swim.    Round 4 Blood fills the room to the ceiling. All creatures are considered to be swimming and fully immersed in blood. Ghouls gain 20 regeneration while fully immersed. Living creatures that begin their turns fully immersed take 10 psychic damage as they are assaulted by visions of Doresain. In addition, they might suffocate.Countermeasures     Thievery DC 31: A character adjacent to the skull can delay the next round’s effects with a successful check.
     Strength DC 26: A character adjacent to an open door can stop it from slamming shut with a successful check. Preventing the door from sealing causes the room to fill with blood in twice as many rounds; use the round 1 result on round 2, use the round 2 result on round 4, and so on.
     Strength DC 31: A character adjacent to a closed door can attempt to break it down with a successful check or by attacking it (AC 5; Fortitude 10, Reflex 5; hp 80).
     Arcana DC 33: A character adjacent to the skull can turn off the flow of blood by gaining four successes before three failures, using either Arcana or Thievery. A character who fails a check takes 15 necrotic damage.

Published in E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls, page(s) 55.