Booby-Trapped Passage
Level 12 Obstacle
XP 700

A tripwire sets off an alarm and damages the one setting it off.

Trap: The trap consists of 2 adjacent squares that contain tripwires. When a creature enters the square containing the tripwire without noticing it, the trap sounds the alarm and fires a barrage of poisoned darts at the character triggering the trap.Perception     DC 16: The character notices round holes burrowing into the muddy walls.     DC 21: The character notices the tripwire.TriggerWhen a creature enters a trigger square, the trap sounds the alarm and attacks that creature.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee 1
Target: Creature in trapped squareAttack: +15 vs. ReflexHit: 1d8 + 5 damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).Effect A heavy iron bell rings behind a hidden panel in the ceiling, alerting all creatures in the dungeon to the presence of intruders. Until the characters take an extended rest, the creatures in the dungeon cannot be surprised.Countermeasures     A character who notices the tripwire can automatically avoid it when entering the square.
     Thievery DC 21: A character can disable the trap by succeeding on a successful check.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 164, page(s) 14.