Breath of Bahamut
Level 19 Blaster
XP 2400

The dragon head releases a gout of radiant fire.

Trap: Once a creature opens the doors and steps through the doorway, the head breaths each round.Perception     DC 27: The character notices that the dragon’s eyes flash then grow dim for a moment with each breath it unleashes.Initiative +8TriggerWhen the doors in front of the trap open, it makes its fi rst attack as an immediate reaction. Then it attacks each round on its initiative.AttackImmediate Reaction or Standard Action      Close blast 5
Targets Each creature in blastAttack: +22 vs. ReflexHit: 3d12 + 5 radiant and fire damage, and ongoing 10 radiant and fi re damage (save ends).Miss: Half damage, and no ongoing damage.Countermeasures     Athletics DC 22 or Thievery DC 27: A character who climbs up the face to the eyes with a successful Athletics check can disable the trap with a successful Thievery check.

Published in E1 Death's Reach, page(s) 60.