Breath of Tiamat
Level 18 Blaster
XP 2000

Trap: When any creature makes an attack in this room, random pillars burst up through the floor and spray the area with acid.Perception     DC 20: A character notices discolored tiles in the trapped squares.Initiative 8TriggerWhen a creature makes an attack in this room, the trap activates and rolls initiative.Floor BurstFree Action      Melee
Trigger A creature stands in the trap’s square when it first makes its attack.Target: The triggering creature.Effect The creature is pushed 1 square and is knocked prone.Acid Spray * AcidStandard Action      Close blast 5
    Special Roll 1d4. The square matching the number erupts when a steel column mounted with a sprayer bursts through the floor (see below). The blast originates from this square.Target: Each creature in blast.Attack: +21 vs. ReflexHit: 3d8 + 5 acid damage, and ongoing 15 acid damage (save ends).Countermeasures     Turning a dial in the center of the control panel deactivates the trap and also negates the cages containing the astral stalker and the gibbering abomination.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 168, page(s) 85.