Calmachia’s Forge (Elite)
Level 7 Elite Warder
XP 600

The mechanisms around the forge appear to move with a life of their own. Something takes form in the forge’s heart.

Trap: The forge reacts to Calmachia’s aggression by quickly creating minions to aid the draconic construct.Initiative +7TriggerWhen Calmachia rolls initiative, so does the forge.AttackStandard Action      
Create Minion: At the start of each of the forge’s turns, two incomplete forge drakes emerge from the front of the forge. This creature is Medium and vaguely draconic. It can act immediately. The minions act subsequently on the forge’s initiative count.Countermeasures     Arcana DC 20: Standard action; an adjacent character can reset the controls of the forge, allowing someone to retry the skill challenge to shut down the forge (area 15).
     A character can shut down the forge in its control room (area 15).
     Destroying Calmachia deactivates the forge.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 167, page(s) 33, Dungeon Magazine Annual, page(s) 156.