Capture Crystal
Level 13 Lurker
XP 800

The crystalline floor emits a resonant hum, and then absorbs the creature above it with a painful flash of light.

Hazard: When triggered, the capture crystal absorbs a creature near it, trapping it in a small crystalline prison from where it can only look out helplessly.Perception     DC 18: The character recognizes that the patches of capture crystal are made of the same material as mirror crystal.Arcana or Dungeoneering     DC 23: The character determines that a patch of capture crystal is a different sort of hazard from mirror crystal.TriggerThe hazard tries to capture any creature that ends its turn in or adjacent to a capture crystal square that does not currently contain a trapped creature.AttackOpportunity Action      Close burst 1
Target: The triggering creatureAttack: +16 vs. ReflexHit: 2d6 + 2 radiant damage, and the target is captured in a crystalline prison (save ends). While captured in the crystalline prison, the target is immobilized in a crystal chamber beneath the attacking square of capture crystal. It has just enough space to stand but cannot leave the chamber. It can see out of any square of capture crystal or mirror crystal within 20 squares of it. The target has line of effect to no creature and no creature has line of sight or line of effect to the target (although its image appears in other squares of capture crystal). When the effect ends, the target reappears adjacent to a square of capture crystal within 20 squares of the space it vacated. It cannot be captured again until the end of its next turn.Countermeasures     Arcana DC 18 or Dungeoneering DC : A character can make a check as a standard action against an adjacent square of capture crystal to disable that square until the end of the encounter.
     A square of capture crystal can be attacked. It has AC 5, Reflex 3, Fortitude 8, and 20 hit points. Once it is destroyed, that square is disabled.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 92.