Catwalk Deadfall and Mesh
Level 7 Warder
XP 300

The catwalk falls open.

Trap: A 2-square-by-2-square section of floor flips downward, dumping creatures toward the molten metal.Perception     DC 21: The creature notices the door.     DC 21: (requires the creature to know the door is there): A character adjacent to the door’s western side discovers its hidden locking mechanism.TriggerThe trap attacks when a nonflying creature enters one of its western squares.AttackImmediate Reaction      Melee
Target: The creature that triggered the trap.Attack: +11 vs. ReflexHit: The target falls 30 feet onto the safety mesh, taking 2d10 damage, and falls prone.Miss: The target grabs the edge of the opening or a rail near it (DC 10 Athletics to climb toward a safe square).Effect The false floor opens and the pit is no longer hidden. A creature that starts its turn on the safety mesh takes 5 fire damage.Countermeasures     Thievery DC 17: An adjacent character triggers the trap.
     Thievery DC 21: An adjacent character works to disable the trap. From the eastern side, this requires two successful checks to jam the door closed. From the western side, this requires one successful check to lock the trap with its hidden locking mechanism.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 167, page(s) 26, Dungeon Magazine Annual, page(s) 150.