Chaos Shard Delirium I
Level 9 Elite HazardXP 800

Detect -

Initiative -

Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Undying Troglodytes (illusion) At-Will

Trigger: A troglodyte dies in the encounter.

Effect (No Action): At the start of its next turn, the dead troglodyte appears to rise up. This illusory troglodyte has the statistics of a normal troglodyte (including full hit points), except that its attacks deal psychic damage instead of any other damage type. When it drops to 0 hit points, the illusory troglodyte appears to die and does not rise up.


Regain Sanity: Insight DC 17 (minor action 1/round). Success: The character is convinced that the deliriuminduced troglodytes aren’t real, and the illusory troglodytes do not attack the character for the rest of the encounter. Once all the characters have succeeded on this check, the hazard is overcome and does not trigger again.

Resist Delusions: Perception DC 17 (minor action 1/round). Success: Until the start of his or her next turn, the character gains resist 5 psychic against attacks made by illusory troglodytes.

Reassure Ally: Heal or Intimidate DC 17 (minor action). Success: The next time an ally fails an Insight check made against this hazard, he or she can reroll the check and use the new result instead.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 190.